Virtual Land

Virtual Land NFTs allow you to own little 1km² tiles that represent land of the real world.

Users are able to use their land for advertising, promotion purposes within the Landboard Ecosystem, or simply holding them for LAND rewards.

Advertising and promotion can be done using the App tools - you can add pictures and links to your Tile - anyone looking on the map there being able to see them.

This way, you can promote your business, project, product, cause or anything you wish to potential customers or people of interest using the Landboard App.

Once you have more than one Tile, you can extend your image and increase your visibility.


Tiles Artwork features basic data about the tile - Location, coordinates as well as the exact map view in the App.

Artwork can't be seen in the app - only on the blockchain (so on the Maiar App too).

Passive Income

The Airdrop Reward mechanism serves to provide incentives and passive income to Tiles holders.

How to participate

For Tiles income we've came with the simplest yet most effective solution - just hold Tiles.

No action is needed further from simply owning the Tile.

When do you get rewarded?

The Airdrop is distributed every 2 weeks. A countdown timer can be found in the Rewards section of the Main App.


5% - Protocol Development

2% - Reward Pool - Tiles holders will be airdropped their share of proceeds

1% - Charities

1% - LAND buy-back & burning

Royalties can be tracked in the XOXNO smart contract. No royalties distribution has been completed yet.

How to get a Tile?

It's really easy. Check out the guide here.

Blockchain data

  • Identifier: TILE-4aaa4f

  • Total minted (as of 01/11/22): 2950

  • Total mintable: 248848

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