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Getting started

Landboard - an open and accesible Metaverse ecosystem for the next billion users.

Landboard is aiming to build an open and accessible Metaverse Ecosystem, powered by multiple applications, leveraging the use of Blockchains and NFTs.

Started in February 2022, the Landboard Ecosystem already has some of its intended products live, with the goal of creating unique Metaverse experiences.

  • Main App - the place to own, trade and use virtual land NFTs

  • Hubs - the place to create, join & earn using 3D virtual spaces

  • Staking - the place to manage your LAND and earn rewards


The Metaverse is said to become the next frontier for the Internet. We're here to make that true.

Who is Landboard for?

Our aim is to make Landboard useful & appropriate for all internet users. Decentralization, as well as creating an open platform for anyone to express and create, are some of our core values for contributing to the Ecosystem.

In its beginnings, Landboard would be most interesting for the Elrond community and NFT & Metaverse enthusiasts.

Built on Elrond.

We have decided our best start could be on a prospering relatively new blockchain, Elrond - A highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases and the new internet economy.

For the speed.

Elrond can handle up to 10k+ TPS, more than most of the blockchains. Its Smart Contracts run blazing-fast and the overall interaction is seamless.

For the community.

Elrond hosts one of the most dedicated & active community in the Blockchain space.

For the user experience.

Elrond provides a seamless user experience, leveraging mobile interaction - through the Maiar App - as well as a smooth overall blockchain experience.

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