Minting Tiles

Minting Tiles is a quick and easy process that allows you to Mint a virtual land NFT on Landboard.

Tiles are only mintable with LAND or LKLAND, but a interface for automatically swapping EGLD to LAND then minting is available.

Specific Mint

  1. Open the Main App map

  2. Navigate to your desired tile - can be done dragging the map or searching the location in the "search bar"

  3. Click on your Tile

  4. Click on "Buy now"

  5. Select your desired minting token and click "Buy"

  6. Sign transactions and wait

That's all! If you did everything right, you are now the owner of a Landboard virtual land NFT! 🥳

Random mint

  1. Open the Main App map

  2. On mobile, click on the little dice icon at the bottom of the screen - on Desktop, find the "random mint" popup on the left of the screen

  3. Select your desired token and click Mint

  4. Sign transactions and wait

If you own the needed amount, you'll receive a random Tile from the map. 🙌

Now all you have to do is hold the Tiles in your wallet and wait for the bi-weekly airdrops.

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