Staking & Rewards

Earn passive income while supporting the Landboard Ecosystem.

To incentivize token holders and contributors, the LAND and LKLAND tokens can be staked via our Staking Smart Contracts.

The rewards system is intended to advantage early stakers and decrease over time to ensure the long-term stability of the LAND tokenomics.

Staking, unstaking and LKLAND unlocking can be done via the Staking App.

Present staking plans & APRs

  • 15 days - 27.24% APR

  • 30 days - 28.33% APR

  • 60 days - 29.27% APR

  • 120 days - 31.6% APR

  • 240 days - 34.87% APR

Choosing a staking time period means you're willing to stake the tokens until the end - changing your mind and unstaking before time ends will result in a 30% rewards penalty and 5 days of undelegation time.

Tiles Rewards

To read more about TIles Rewards and their passive income, please visit this page.

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