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What is Landboard?

Landboard is an open and accessible Metaverse Ecosystem, powered by multiple applications, leveraging the use of Blockchains and NFTs.

What is LAND?

LAND is the governance and utility token of the Landboard Ecosystem, acting as a way for it ...

How can I buy LAND?

You can buy LAND using Jungle DEX - using this link. You can swap most of the tokens from the Elrond ecosystem directly to LAND (EGLD, USDC, etc.).

What are Tiles?

Landboard Tiles are virtual land non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent a 1km² parcel of the real world. They are managed by the Minting Smart Contract and mintable with either 800 LAND - for a specific Tile, or 533 LAND - for a random Tile on the map.

How can I mint Tiles?

Tiles can be easily minted using the Main App. Find the guides on how to mint here.

What is the utility of Tiles?

Using Tiles you can not only earn passive income while just holding an NFT, but also use it in the app for marketing and promotion reasons. A tile can be added a link and image to and used to promote your business, project, cause or anything of your choice.

What is Hubs?

How can I join Hubs?