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At the core of the ecosystem, lays the Landboard App. This app features the interaction & some of the use cases for Tiles.
It allows users to:
  • Mint tiles on the blockchain
  • Manage their tiles
  • Use Tiles for marketing, promotion & publicity
  • Manage rewards & referrals
  • Find Tiles on the real map


The map features the map of Romania with Tiles.
Map preview
  • select tiles to mint
  • view tiles


The leaderboard provides insightful data of the Landboard App users & ranking. Currently, it provides data about:
  • Top Tiles holders
  • Top LAND token holders
  • Top NFT collections displayed in app
  • Most viewed Tiles


The rewards page provides insightful information about your Tiles earning & referrals.
There are two types of rewards:
  • Tiles staking
  • Referrals
You can learn more about

Profile & Tiles

The profile page is meant to be one of the central places for user interaction - allowing the users to manage & make use of their Tiles in many creative ways.
It features:
  • Your owned NFTs
  • Adding links, images to Tiles
  • Setting your Tile name
  • Modifying your App profile (profile picture, name)
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